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Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake!
Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake!

Believe it or not,  Thanksgiving is almost upon us! At our house, that translates into 25+ friends and family for two touch football, two turkeys, several pies, a cake or two, too much wine and too many dishes to wash! If, like us, you are planning a big dinner or a smaller, comfy gathering, Zakes is here to help!
Check out our Thanksgiving Menu
If you have never had our Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake, Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake or Pumpkin Pie, this is a great year to start a new tradition. We also offer our home made Cranberry Relishes, Stuffings and Soups.

Zakes Café is a BYO Restaurant

Honey Lemon Pancakes
Honey Lemon Pancakes





 “Special move: Get a side of ham and pour some of the magic pancake sauce on it.” – David H.


Breakfast ~ Every Morning from 7:30 with a new expanded Menu

Awarded "Best of Philly" for our Honey Lemon Pancakes

with House Made Caramel Sauce

  Sunday Brunch from 8 AM



Aa selection of Fine Desserts for a dinner party
Aa selection of Fine Desserts for a dinner party



  "We look to the world's cuisines for our inspiration and to local farms, when possible, for the world's best ingredients." - Marlene Zakes


“I'm a little afraid to write this review because that may mean a long wait at one of my favorite places.  I've been going here for lunch for probably ten years.  I had a friend who used to call this "the secret place" because it only had a few tables at the time.  We were sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone else, but I'm breaking the silence at long last.  Just keep it between us, ok?” – Linda M.











Inside our New Atrium ~ Now Open for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner


“Wonderful, high quality, beautifully diverse food.”- David R





Architect's drawing of our Atrium
Architect's drawing of our Atrium


“I don't know how we lived so close to this cute cafe in an old stone house near the Ft. Washington train station and never managed to stop in but I am glad we finally did. “ – Holly W.





Honey Lemon Panckes &Scottish Wedding Breakdast with  House Cured Salmon and Eggs
Honey Lemon Panckes &Scottish Wedding Breakdast with House Cured Salmon and Eggs




“Best. Brunch.  Ever. Seriously. If you like to get down with the meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch, this is the place to go.”  - Carrie E




Saturday until lunch service; Sunday~ all day from 8 until 2:30 ~ Enjoy our Extensive Menu of Favorites & Specials

Don't forget to try our Best of Philly Award Winning  Pancakes


“Zakes is a breath of fresh air in a chain restaurant world.”   – Leslie S.



444 Bethlehem Pike

  A Historic Victorian Building in the Heart of Fort Washington

"...a Hidden Gem"- Foodieforlife



Owned & Operated by  Brother & Sister Team,

Marlene Zakes & Joseph McFadden

Zakes has been serving great food since 1979



Lunch ~ A Lively Buzz in the Air ~ Best Creative Lunches in the Area ~ Homemade Soups, Quiche, Specialty Salads & Gourmet Sandwiches ~ & our Delicious Desserts


“I will preface this by saying I can't wait to go back!!!” – Rachel B.


Grilled Striped Bass on Baby Spinach and Baby Artichokes
Grilled Striped Bass on Baby Spinach and Baby Artichokes



“Everything we had was great. We started with a fig and gorgonzola flatbread with arugula and toasted walnuts...yummm” – Abhijit G.





Dinner ~ Warm and Inviting, the Pace is more Relaxed and the Menu has an Eclectic American/Asian Flair ~You are Invited to Bring Your own Wine  choice to Enjoy with dinner